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No Tobacco Day 2021 | News | IIIT Raichur

No Tobacco Day 2021

31 May 2021

On this occasion of “World No Tobacco Day”, let’s take a pledge to de-motivate the usage of Tobacco and make the public aware of the ill-effects of tobacco.


Buddha Purnima 2021 | News | IIIT Raichur

Buddha Purnima 2021

26 May 2021

On this auspicious day of Buddha Purnima IIIT Raichur & IIT Hyderabad urges all to follow the “Ashtanga Marg” as suggested by Gautam Buddha to achieve greater wellbeing and fight the evils prevalent in society today. Also, following Buddha’s footsteps of concerted efforts and community support, may we all keep home and be safe!


Anti Terrorism Day 2021 | News | IIIT Raichur

Anti Terrorism Day 2021

21 May 2021

Let us pay our heartfelt tributes to all the innocent people out there who lost their lives due to terrorist attacks and salute those who fought and are fighting against terrorism and its activities.


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