National Flag Adoration Day '22

22 Jul 2022

National Flag Adoption day with a feeling of pride and patriotism. On Jul 22, 1947, the Indian National Flag was adopted in the Constituent Assembly meeting and turned into the official flag of the Dominion of India on Aug 15, 1947, and later retained for the Republic of India. The flag’s three colors represent the attributes of sacrifice, prosperity, and peace in the nation.

National Flag Adoration Day '22 | News | IIIT Raichur

National Doctors Day '22

01 Jul 2022

Let us take a moment to thank each of the hard-working doctors who are spending their days and nights ensuring that we live healthy and safe.

National Doctors Day '22 | News | IIIT Raichur

International Day of Yoga '22

21 Jun 2022

The ancient and modern practice for a healthy, active lifestyle Yoga is recognized worldwide and celebrated as International Day of Yoga. IIITRaichur and IITHyderabad on this day adored its importance by taking part in a life-filled yoga session to have a brighter day and to spread a message of its importance to the world.

International Day of Yoga '22 | News | IIIT Raichur

World Blood Donor Day '22

14 Jun 2022

On WorldBloodDonorDay, take a pledge with iithyderabad & iiitraichur to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation, recognize blood donors and thank them for saving countless lives.

World Blood Donor Day '22 | News | IIIT Raichur

World Environment Day '22

05 Jun 2022

Let us thank Mother Earth for nourishing us with the best of the resources and take the pledge to preserve these resources for our coming generations.

World Environment Day '22 | News | IIIT Raichur

National Technology Day 2022

11 May 2022

IIIT RAICHUR celebrated National Technology Day with a great and inspiring tech talk by Mr Vibhanshu Jain; reminded the achievements and dedications of many people that led to the nation’s technological development.

National Technology Day 2022 | News | IIIT Raichur